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samedi 29 octobre 2011

What is a CMS ? (101)

What is a CMS ?
CMS : Content Management Systems.
A CMS is a server side software, designed to SIMPLIFY the creation and modification of any content on a client website.
Basics fonctionnality :
- A database
- An administration area
- Use of pre-built templates
CMS where created to speed up site developement, and leave the access to complex systems to non technical users.

6 types of CMS

  • Type 1 : general purpopse CMS
    Allow you to modifiy site architecture, content, and has a site administration. Non industry-specific. Can be upgraded by modules.
    Drupal, Joomla, Typo3 Modex...
  • Type 2 : blogs
    This category has evolved into CMS, but is primarily focused on text and articles.
    Wordpress, Movable type...
  • Type 3 : E-learning
    Sites with built in modules for quizzes, curriculums ...
    .LRM, ATutor, Moodle...
  • Type 4 : E-commerce CMS
    Solutions focused on e-commerce applications : shopping carts, product management, billing, security...
    Magento, Cubecart, Opencart...
  • Type 5 : Wikis
    To create collaborative Wikis. Can be used in collaboration with other CMS.
    Tiki Wiki, MediaWiki, Pm Wiki...
  • Type 6 : Social Media
    To build online communities, manage user profiles, use existing networks, instant messaging...
    Elgg, PhpFox, Royzz...

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