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samedi 29 octobre 2011

CMS ? Are you sure ?

OK, everybody thinks that CMS is free, CMS is open source and CMS is easy to use... check this points :

Web designer, beware.
- No so easy and fast. Each CMS has his own language. With a learning curve.
- Check the online community support
- CMS is good when you want to design complex sites fast, but please be sure that your client is ready for CMS
- And do you have time to assist the client
- Take time to choose the right CMS

Non Web designer, beware too
- You still need HTML and CSS to manage any CMS
- Default template is frustrating, you'll want to be more specific.
- You will need help for customization.

Big organizations, you must know
- CMS is not free, you still need dedicated ressources to maintain the website
- Change your internal process can be expensive
- Can eventually need extra investments to maintain
- Take to time evaluate your processes... do you need a CMS ?

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